SEE Mobility 2023

International Fair

of transport technologies and services

Belgrade, 30-31 May 2023
Terms and Conditions for the Exhibitors

1) Exhibitor permit

Exhibitors include all legally registered suppliers of materials, products and services, governmental and educational institutions from the country, region and foreign countries. The organizer decides on accepting the applications according to own criteria and priorities. It is possible for two or more exhibitors to rent a same stand. It is impossible to cancel the application after submission and payment. Placement of the exhibitors on the desired positions in the hall will be considered, however, the Organizer cannot be held liable for not fulfilling the exhibitor wishes. Also not receiving desired position on the fair cannot be a reason for withdrawal of application and return of the payment.


2) Terms of payment

Basic criteria for granting fair stand is the confirmation of your application by the Organizer, BSN (Business Support Network). Payment is in EUR (for the exhibitors outside Serbia) or in RSD (for resident exhibitors), according to the sales exchange rate of bank in which the Organizer holds an account, on the day of issuing of invoice for stand rental. Payment needs to be done in at most three weeks after the confirmation of your application by the organizer at the latest. In the case of missing the deadline for the payment, the Organizer has a right to rent the same stand to another potential exhibitor. Prices for the stand rental are in net amounts, and the costs of bank transfer fall upon the non-residential exhibitors. The entire payment process is conducted exclusively between the Exhibitor and the Organizer.

In case the venue owner significantly increases the costs by April 2023 due to the rapid increase in energy prices or high inflation rate, organizer keeps the right to proportionally corrects prices of fair stands to the exibitors.

3) Cancellation of the contract

Organizer is allowed to limit or cancel the fair due to the serious circumstances (natural disaster, fire, flood, limits for events held in indoor spaces due to COVID-19 pandemics, insufficient number of the exhibitors, cancellation of the contract by the venue owner). In that case the Organizer will return the payments to the Exhibitors, less the cost of the bank transfer.


4) Usage of the stands

All fair stands are standards and there is no possibility for individual additional branding deviating from the dimensions one of the offered options (see page 2). No parallel or additional works on the stand are allowed during the open work hours of the fair manifestation. During the open work hours of the manifestation the rules issued by the Organizer must be obeyed. Placement of advertising material outside of own stands, on the stairway, hallways or walls is not allowed. The Exhibitor shall bear an additional cost or removal of such material. However, dissemination of advertising material such as fliers, flags, brochures, etc. is allowed to the Exhibitors with the previous written consent of the Organizer. Placement of the decorative materials on the own stand is allowed if such materials can be removed with no problems or residue (such as glue or adhesive tape). Drilling of montage dividing walls, hammering nails, hooks, bolts or screws is not allowed. Exhibitors are not allowed to individually place sound systems or loudspeakers that would be used for playing loud music or presentations. Exhibitor presentations on the flatscreen must be designed visually and audibly designed so they do not interfere with the other exhibitors. Cooking and/or preparation of warm soup or beverages at the stands is not allowed, due to interference of smell for the other exhibitors and visitors.


5) Installation-Dismantling

All stands are standard. The complete installation and dismantling will be organized by the fair Organizer in cooperation with the company providing the stands.

The stands will be set up on May 29, 2023. and dismantled after the working hours of the fair on May 31, 2023.Exhibitors can bring their advertising material to their stand early in the morning on May 30, 2023, from 8:00 a.m.In case the exhibitors want to place larger samples of their products on the stand, their placement must be agreed in advance with the company that installs the stands and be completed by May 29, 2023. After the official opening of the fair on May 30, 2023, from 10:00 a.m., it will not be possible to place larger samples on the stands.

6) Storage of advertising and other materials

The Organizer will provide a separate room for storage of boxes with advertising materials. Placement of packages with advertising materials outside of stands, in the open space, hallways, stairway, passages, etc. is not allowed, due to the fire safety regulations. It is strictly forbidden to bring in explosives, chemicals or other dangerous materials.

7) Acceptance of Terms and conditions for the exhibitors

All individual or group exhibitors on the SEE Mobility 2023 fair, accept all previously mentioned terms and conditions for the exhibitors by submitting a signed fair participation form.

Also, SEE Mobility organizer commits to guarantee realization of all activities listed in the Sponsor Offer to all fair sponsors (platinum, gold and silver sponsors).